About our product Volkswagen Pay

Volkswagen Pay – developed by J.P. Morgan Mobility Payments Solutions S.A. – is the new electronic wallet in the Volkswagen Group which will simplify the online purchase of goods and services in the future. The Volkswagen Pay account is set up in your name and can be used to make a deposit in order to pre-book new vehicles. The deposited amount remains in your Volkswagen Pay account until you finally order your vehicle or cancel the reservation. In both cases you will receive a refund of the deposited amount automatically. Once created, the Volkswagen Pay account can also be used as a simple and convenient way to pay for goods and services in the Volkswagen Group context, e.g. for parking and charging.

About our company J.P. Morgan Mobility Payments Solutions S.A.

On October 17th, 2022, Volkswagen Payments S.A. became J.P. Morgan Mobility Payments Solutions S.A., following the joint venture of Volkswagen Financial Services AG and J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan Mobility Payments Solutions S.A. is an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) based in Strassen, Luxembourg, regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier. The Company is fully PSD2 compliant. The EMI license allows service coverage throughout all EU and EEA states.

Together with their Munich-based 100% subsidiary, J.P. Morgan Mobility Payments Systems GmbH, formerly known as Volkswagen Payment Systems GmbH, the company currently offers payment solutions for all digital sales channels, including an e-Wallet solution, for the mobility services of the VW Group. In addition, the VW Group entities can choose various payment-related services such as, Merchant Panel features, Risk Management for Sanction List Checks, Address Validation, and VAT ID Checks and more.

The joint venture combines knowledge and competences to better support and further enhance the digital payment journeys of their valued customers by leveraging the automotive expertise of J.P. Morgan Mobility Payments Solutions S.A. with the global reach of one of the world’s biggest banking platforms.

The company continues serving the VW Group and remains strongly committed to invest with Volkswagen Financial Services and J.P. Morgan into the enhancement of its products and services, the payment platform, and ramping-up the teams in Luxembourg and Munich.

J.P. Morgan Mobility Payments Solutions S.A., with its subsidiary, will continue offering tailored solutions to accelerate business-growth and to maximise customer-satisfaction through state-of-the-art payment experiences, and white label service offerings. The company remains strongly committed to keep facilitating payments across the Volkswagen network, in Europe, and with the support of J.P. Morgan, for all Volkswagen Group Brands globally.

If you want to know more, please contact us at: sales-vwpayments@vwfs.com